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Who Are We?
As a small business in a developing country, especially one offering technology services it is very difficult to build a business based on only software development services. Considering this we opted to become our own client. In this regard we have developed additional technology products based on our core services. This strategy is most evident in our website summarized as READ WATCH SHARE. We have launched a blog as the hallmark of the read segment and in June 2015 released a beta version.

The name SoShine was derived from St. Matthew 5:16 (Let your light so Shine…). SoShine can be used as a noun, a verb or an adjective. Adapted from the original context of the verse the meaning is as follows:(noun)name of the business. (verb) the state of doing something that positively impacts or influences the life of others. (adjective)describe the attitude and willingness to do something or be a part of activities that instill positive change. SoShine is more than a description. Its an aspiration, a role model, a need to go further and do more. It is a profound and compelling inspiration; a lifestyle through which one can progress into a truly righteous life.

Often times we forget that the reason why we work is essential to fund the things we want to do in our lives. I am a Christian. I am in business not simply to make money but I also intend to develop this brand SoShine Media as an engine of change that will provide innovative products/services and positively impact the lives of people.

Kenroy White

Our Vision
Our vision is to see a transformation in the social, economical and political environments of the region as a result of SoShine inspiring, informing ,and educating the society while leading positive change through its business endeavors.

Our Goal
We intend to be the premier source of Caribbean contextual information and media; as well as an engine for social change and development.