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Shannon Fraser, Troubled Childhood To Ministry & Medical Practice

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Shannon Fraser is a 24 years old Christian woman on a mission. She has overcome many life difficulties and now uses her testimony to minister to others. She relates her personality and drive to that of the disciple, Peter. “We are impulsive alike and while others saw one thing in me God saw so much more and He didn’t give up on me. As a result of his unconditional love, I will continue to do great things in His name.  I’ve always had a passion to serve others in whatever capacity, I have this love for people I cannot explain.”

Her Struggle

Shannon admits that while she has two very supportive parents she didn’t have the best relationship with them growing up. Growing up there was always conflict in the household in addition to continuous emotional and verbal abuse. “This made me very impulsive and angry,” she confessed. She would use partying as a means of escape. This eventually led to a turning point in 2016 when she was involved in a car accident that nearly claimed her life. “That shifted my entire outlook on life and God. I questioned why he saved me for months,” she explained.

“Overcoming the mental and emotional trauma of having a dysfunctional family and unlearning all the lies I had been told about myself” has been some of the challenges Shannon has faced since coming to know Christ. She attributes her ability to overcome these challenges to the grace of God and the support of the amazing people he has allowed to pass through her life. 

Now and Beyond

Shannon is now a graduate nurse who intends to change the world one patient at a time by being an oracle for God in everything she does. She plans to further her education by studying medicine in the future. “…This is a childhood dream God had given to me and I plan to see it through. Nursing for me is a stepping stone for me to get there.” Moved by her own experiences she is also committed to spreading awareness about mental health issues through her ministry. 

The stigma placed on children who are delinquent is another issue that is dear to her. “Being a bad-behaved child myself I understand their plight. I was rude and disruptive but I was intelligent, which helped in my case. However, some of the youth really need the support and love that they lack from their family settings. I am a firm believer in going the extra mile and being a listening ear for these children by God’s grace… considering so many have gone out of their way to ensure I was well supported and loved.  I honestly believe more can be done for these children, it will take compassion and patience but it can be done. I am living proof that how you start doesn’t have to be how you finish.”

“Success for me is walking in the calling and purpose for my life, making God proud.” 

She highlights Sarah Jakes Roberts one of her role models and inspirations. “Her testimony resonated with me from the first time I heard it. Her sermons have fed me up to this point. Her transparency gave me the courage to be transparent and authentic.”

Her advice to others

“Just as God took my mess and turned it into a message, He can do the same thing for you. There is enough room for all of us to shine, that’s what we were born to do. Stay focused, keep praying, keep pushing, your joy is coming just as mine has come. Stay strong even if you have to cry yourself through like I did. Have faith and God will send you the angels assigned to your life to aid you on your road to recovery.”

See the full interview and testimony below.

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