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5 Local Foods to Try in Barbados

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The Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean surround Barbados, naturally making it a great destination for exemplary seafood culinary experience. This is evident in its national dish Flying Fish and Cou Cou which is also a symbol of Barbados’ rich and diverse cultural heritage. In addition to Flying Fish and Cou Cou here are 5 local foods to try in Barbados on your next trip:

1. Pudding and Souse

pudding and souse - Local Foods to Try in Barbados

This dish is typically made with pickled pork, which is paired with a steamed pudding, made from sweet potato, onions, and spices. Many people also enjoy their pudding and souse with slices of steamed breadfruit or sweet potato.

2. Conkies

Conkie - Local Foods to Try in Barbados

Conkies are a traditional Bajan delicacy made from corn flour, grated pumpkin, coconut, and spices, wrapped in a banana leaf, and steamed. They are typically made and served during the month of November, when Barbados celebrates its Independence, but can also be found in some local restaurants throughout the year.

3. Bajan Fish Cakes

Bajan fish cakes - Local Foods to Try in Barbados

Bajan fish cakes are a popular street food in Barbados that are made with salted cod, flour, herbs, and spices. Fish cakes are often sold by street vendors and are a great snack to enjoy on-the-go. They are usually served with a spicy dipping sauce and are a great option for those who want to try seafood but are not keen on eating shellfish. You can ask for a bread and two with cheese- this includes two fishcakes with a slice of cheese, sandwiched in a salt bread.

4. Cutters

fish cutter

Cutters are a type of sandwich that is popular in Barbados. They are made with salt bread, which is a type of soft, fluffy bread that is a local specialty, and a variety of fillings such as ham, cheese, fish, liver, or egg. Cutters are often sold by food vendors across the island and make for a great quick lunch.

5. BBQ Pigtails

bbq pigtail

Pigtails are a weekend staple in Barbados. They are made with pork tails that have been slow-cooked until tender and then barbequed. BBQ pigtails can be enjoyed alone or with side dishes such as chips, wedges, or macaroni pie among others.

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