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Arya, The Redhead Woman

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American born Grenadian Arya D Redhead is currently a third year law student at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill. She describes her experience so far at cave hill as an eye opening experience, “Learning to live on my own, embracing a new culture and meeting people from across the Caribbean has been very rewarding” she further added. While the work has been hard, Arya, says it is definitely worth it and she intends to graduate with an LLB (with honors) and ensure that the Grenada Students Association at Cavehill (GRENSAC) maintains a strong presence on campus. The 21 year old March born associates her choice of study with following her mother as a lawyer and a passion for influencing societal change. “My role model, as cliche as it may seem, would have to be my mom. As a single parent she has managed to provide me with everything I need (and sometimes even want). She is a great lawyer and always takes the most conscionable approach. She is everything I want to be as a woman” Arya affirmed. While she studies law Arya, has no interest in politics as she thinks it doesn’t “mesh” with her personality, instead she hopes to become a legal professor based on her passion for teaching.

Arya grew up with her grandparents and currently lives with her mom. Her dad died in a car accident when she was 8 years old. “it has been very frustrating for me, our personalities are very similar and I know we would have gotten along well” she noted. However she has stayed strong through the experience. She has two younger sisters for whom she is trying to be an example. Arya belongs to the Christian faith and considers herself to be non-denominational. She believes that every denomination has the same goal and simply a different method of achieving it. In addition to playing the piano, she enjoys R&B, reggae and soca. She loves old time movies, especially portrayals of the 1800’s and the lives of African Americans both during and after the era of slavery and her favourite pasttime activities include embarking on DIY projects and dancing. She is currently making a rug out of recycled fabrics. She is a member of the Conception Dance Theatre and was a member of the Junior Toastmasters as well as a volunteer at the Bel-Air Home for Children in Grenada. Arya is also currently the Treasurer of the Grenada Students Association here at Cavehill (GRENSAC).

Arya considers herself to be very particular when it comes to who she keeps as friends and she keeps her circle small. Honesty, genuineness and a really good sense of humor are the qualities at the top of her list. In reflection she quoted graduation as her memorable. “Yes, it was my last day at my high school (the St. Joseph’s Convent), but it marked one of my greatest achievements and I was able to celebrate it with the great friends that I would have made over the years”. At Community College she received one of only five Island scholarships awarded each year to the top performers in CAPE in each department. She also received various other awards (mostly academic) over the years , including the award for top business student at her college graduation.

Her motivation and sense of patriotism
now here are her responses to some questions we asked.
What is your study strategy?
My study strategy is simple. I’ve always had a sharp memory, so I usually retain information from lectures and tutorials easily. Throughout the semester I would review my notes and then closer to the end, I maintain a strict study schedule. I would meet with my study group everyday from 9 AM to about 5 PM and we would discuss topics and practice questions together. (I am not a late night studier at all…I am usually in bed by 11 PM)

What motivates you and what has been your greatest struggle?
My desire to be successful is what motivates me on a daily basis. Also, the need to make my family proud. My greatest struggle in life? I try not to think of anything as a struggle but rather an opportunity to grow and improve. Looking back at my life I don’t think I would have done anything differently. If I were to evaluate my life at this very moment, I must say that I really do like who I am as a person and what I’ve achieved (not just academically but in all respects). If the experiences and choices I’ve made so far (whether good or bad) are what has gotten me here…then I don’t regret them at all.

What is the one thing that you love most about your country and how do you intend to contribute to the further development of that nation?
The one thing I love most about my county is the low crime rate. While I do love our beautiful beaches and delicious food, having travelled to and lived in a number of different countries, I must say I have come to greatly appreciate the sense of security and safety that I feel at home. Being able to sleep with the windows open and doors unlocked is something I won’t be taking for granted again. My goal as it relates to societal change is definitely constitutional reform. While it is a legal issue, it definitely affects every member of society. I don’t want to sound greedy, but I believe that we are entitled to more rights than are currently afforded to us. Imagine my surprise in learning that the right to vote is not even enshrined in our constitution!One issue in my country that I have a strong opinion about it that of domestic violence; not only against women but men as well. The number of reports each month are shocking and is definitely an issue that I plan to combat.

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