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Facebook Developer Circle Guyana

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Facebook has announced plans to invest in building and growing the developer community in Guyana through the launch of a local chapter of the Global Developers Circle (DevC). Developers Circle from Facebook is a program for developers all over the world to connect, learn and collaborate. Chapters are community-driven, free to join and provide a platform for members to share knowledge, build new ideas and learn about the latest technologies from Facebook and other industry leaders.

Currently, within the Caribbean, there is a presence in Jamaica, Barbados, Puerto Rico and Haiti from which there has been much success in the empowerment of the local tech individuals, and now the focus is on Guyana. Each circle is appointed a lead, who is tasked with finding unique ways to engage their local communities online and offline. The DevC lead for Guyana is Samantha Sheoprashad, founder of Trifinity Solutions. Trifinity Solutions, a digital marketing company, joins DevC as a local community partner. Trifinity has been committed to training and supporting tech talents through mentoring and training courses.

DevC communities are meant to educate and provide a forum for discussion and knowledge sharing. Some of the activities include courses and using the platform to learn about developer tools and Facebook’s products such as Facebook Login, Account Kit, Analytics for Apps, Instagram, Messenger, Oculus, Free Basics, React, Rebound, Fresco, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. 

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