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Professor X, Focused On Autonomous Technology

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This new AutoX release promise to bring the audience new drive powered by autonomous tech…by now you should have realised that we are actually talking about Dr. Jianxiong Xioa — also known to students and staff as “Professor X”, a (former) Princeton professor.
AutoX was founded on the premise that autonomous vehicle technology should not be an elite system that few can afford; rather, it should be a technology that anyone can afford and that will improve lives around the world as a result. “AutoX is a team of world-class researchers and engineers creating disruptive A.I. technology for autonomous vehicles. We invented a camera-first self-driving solution that amounts to only a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional LiDar-based approaches. We believe that autonomous driving should not be a luxury, and we are making it universally available to every citizen.”
Cutting out these expensive sensors ( LIDAR, radar, ultrasonic, and GPS ) lowers the cost of the required hardware and allows the company to keep the solution cost low.
AutoX has already gained approval from the California DMV as an autonomous vehicle (AV) testing company and has taken to the streets with its solution to run it through the vetting process in real-world scenarios.
Looking forward, AutoX is looking to develop a fleet of autonomous vehicles that will allow the team to pull in more data and further refine the solution. Ultimately, the former professor wants to partner up with auto manufacturers directly in the interest of leveraging their scale to drive the cost of the solution down and the positive impacts it can deliver to the world up to the next level.

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