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Alistair, The Ambassador with a powerful testimony

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Alistair ‘Ambassador’ Griffith was born 16th May 1990, in Barbados. His current profession is marketing and research as his passion is to promote businesses and persons in a way that brings benefit to customers. Born to a family of five, the Ambassador (his stage name) has always lived in a supportive family setting. “Gospel music was always a fundamental part of my home as we listened to the greats including: Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Papa San, Sherwin Gardner, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, and many others” he noted.

“I am a Christian by the world’s standards but I would rather be called an Ambassador for Christ, as I seek to represent Him as best I can. I believe that all Christians should be representatives of Christ and true examples of what it means to live for Him. True believers must rise up and recognize their identity as Ambassadors of Christ,” he explained. “My role model is Jesus; because he was an example of how we should live. He lived by the grace of God despite of temptations, while he was faced with everything we are faced with He did not fall. He came to prove to us that men can live pure. It is possible.”

“I am motivated by the fact that God created me for a purpose, and He blessed me with gifts and talents that help and inspire others. I am motivated by the very fact that I am alive. Every day of my life is another chance, to advance and to maximize potential,” he further added.

At the age of seventeen, Alistair was faced with a life-threatening illness called Mumps Encephalitis that attacked his brain and ability to function. Mumps is usually harmless in childhood years but can cause death in adolescent and adult years.

His experience
The sickness came very suddenly. At first, we did not know what it was or what was causing it. It caused seizures and hallucinations. When it first started, I couldn’t eat or sleep. As the sickness progressed; I myself thought it would be the end. I was unable to sleep for four days and was taken to the hospital in a critical state. The doctors told my parents that they could not guarantee anything, but they would try their best. My mother called all the intercessors and pastors she knew to engage them to pray. She even called TBN and other prayer networks. However; it appeared that things were getting worse, I suffered hallucinations and seizures; and at one point, jumped off the hospital bed with all the monitors and equipment still attached to my body. The doctors said that my family will have to stay around the clock to give me 24hour care and attention.
At one point my condition was so serious that the doctors thought that was the end; nevertheless, my mother called the church and the pastor stopped his sermon and prayed for me. Three weeks later, I was discharged from the hospital, and I was sent home to recuperate. Upon seeking a second opinion, a doctor said, he will be nothing but a vegetable; but, I am thankful to God that He healed me and snatched me back from death. Within one year, I was completely off of medications, and sound in mind and judgement. I also continued my studies and completed my degree at UWI Cave Hill Campus. I believe the devil was trying to prevent me from fulfilling the great plans and purposes that God has for my life; but, God said that ‘No weapon formed against me shall ever prosper’.

Alistair has moved on from the experience with strength and hope. While he has not written anything specific to his past experience he has written many Worship, Wedding, and Contemporary Songs, which he has sung at various occasions. He is also very dynamic when it comes to instruments, His first instrument is the piano; however, he is also gifted guitarist, who plays both the bass and acoustic guitars. He is also interested in taking up three additional instruments including the Saxophone, Steelpan, and, Percussion.

He was the First prize winner in his church’s Songwriting Competition (2003). He was a finalist in the NIFCA (2006) and Destinee Singers Competition (2008) where he placed fourth. Ambassador was also a Finalist Soloist in the Spirit of the Nation show (November 2009). During the years 2010 through 2014 the Ambassador studied at the UWI Cave Hill Campus, and decided to focus on his studies; hence, he did not engage in any significant recording or performance activities. “Between then and now I would have done a couple gigs, visited a couple churches for ministry; but I considered that time of my life to be a season of preparation for the things God has in store,” he explained.

To date I have released Five Songs on local radio stations. “Out of the five my Top-Two favourite are: ‘He Is Real‘ and ‘This is the Way‘. ‘He is Real‘ is personal to me because of the near-death experience I had in 2007,” he stated. “It says, ‘He’s the reason why I’m living, the reason why I’m standing and the reason why I’m singing. It is only because of Him and through Him that I can do these things. ‘This is the Way’ came to me one Sunday morning at church during a very powerful worship service and this song speaks of the true lifestyle of worship and what real praise is. It is about a lifestyle of obedience to God; it’s about denying yourself so that you can be rewarded by God, at the end of the day,” he added.

In the near future, Alistair intends to complete his album, develop his skills as a musician on various instruments and, to point others to Christ with his life. Over the long-term, he wants to be a successful entrepreneur and a multifaceted individual both in Music-Ministry and Marketing. “I hope to get married and start my family within the next 5 years; and, to motivate others to live lives of purpose and to bring people to Christ,” he added. The ambassador also hopes to pierce certain genres; in which he has not been greatly involved such as: Jazz, Alternative, and Calypso –namely Social Commentary. Here are some of his previously released tracks:

His message to youths out there
In these times many have been struggling; financially, socially, and academically. You may be struggling with Low self-esteem and Insecurity. I know what it means to feel like you’re not good enough or not able to reach your dreams. But with God’s strength, you can achieve anything. The galaxies the Limit! Stop seeing yourself as too weak; or inadequate because of your past failures. Stop seeing yourself through the eyes of your critics and people who insulted you at school. Stop seeing yourself for what you lack and Start to see the person that God created you to be; that Glorious, Successful and Joyful person. That is who you really are!

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