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The Woman That Is Jacinth Browne

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Jacinth Feanna Browne, a Christian, Vincentian and a young woman passionate about education and literature.

The recently engaged 24 year old likes movies “Comedy is great but I have more appreciation for thought provoking films. I also have an attachment to animation. Movies based on books also hold some interest for me,” she said. She also highlighted her fondness for music “I love music period. I have a preference for contemporary worship but I also appreciate Indie, Soul, R&B and some pop.”  She has also taken piano lessons from an early age and while she admits to not doing much playing she still sees the violin and piano as her favourite instruments.

Jacinth has received many academic awards. These include The Governor General’s award for English in Secondary School, overall best performer for Modern Languages and Humanities for CXC in her country. She was a National Scholar of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 2010. She received the Psychology, Literature and Communication Studies awards in College. The first level award for Literature at the UWI Cave Hill. To top it all off she was also voted Valedictorian of the UWI Cave Hill 2014 graduating class (morning ceremony) and was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Rhodes Scholarship in 2015

“I’m intrinsically motivated. The idea of failing drives me away from itself. Purposefulness is something I need to be happy,” She said in response to what her motivation lied. Despite her achievements and motivation this has not been without challenges “My greatest continuous struggle in life has been with my mind. Yes I’ve endured misfortunes but a lot depends on how you handle them. Sometimes if you’re not careful you can find yourself escaping in a pretty dark place of despair. Where you see the worst in everything. I daily recondition my mind to see the future as bright instead of dismal. When you allow yourself to slip too far you’re no good to anyone, including yourself. I’ve been through depression, through questioning whether or not I’m good enough, whether or not my life is giving enough. Know that if you have given of your best, given your all, you are still enough.” 

She has a very supportive nuclear family setting which has had some influence on her chosen career path. “My mother is a teacher by profession and though it took me a while to accept it, when I had the opportunity to teach I realised that it was a profession in which I felt satisfied. Literature has been one of my strong academic areas but my selection comes from the fact that I thoroughly enjoy engaging it and all the field boundaries it tends to cross,” she noted.

She further reflected on some of her experiences and beliefs “I remember when I was a preteen I was dying for my mother to let me read Harry Potter and she banned me. By the time she gave me a go ahead I had lost all interest. So to this day I haven’t read it. Alternatively I used to be a huge fan of the Twilight series, the storyline can hook a reader very easily. However, I found Stephanie’s writing left a whole lot to be desired and her skill undeveloped. I do however believe that the fantasy genre is a good space to exercise the imagination. I think the problem arises when people take it too far, like children assuming they can fly on a broom and realising cosplay or altering their universe to suit the fantasy. I also feel that some people can be desensitized to the dangers of witchcraft and get involved in ouija board activity etc. It’s always good to be alert.”

Jacinth also affirms a strong Christian faith. “I believe in God. I know the first thing folks say is that it’s the best decision you could ever make. And really most of my better decisions in life have come out of my following Christ. I would say that salvation is the most important thing you can acquire because of its eternal value. If I care deeply about someone that’s not the kind of life-changing information I would keep from them, the same applies here. I think that too many people become disillusioned by attempting to swallow a doctrine forced on them by society. Instead I would advocate that someone searches the scripture for themselves and ask God to save them, praying that He would move upon their hearts. Jesus alone saves not people. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God who died for our sins on the cross,” she explained.

“I am a Christian before I am anything else, it pervades everything that I am. I strongly believe in grace and mercy and that He does not forsake the ones who love Him. In spite of our shortcomings, He makes provision for us and spurs us on to follow Him. I also believe that digestion of His Word, prayer and worship are integral for serving Him and sharing Him with others,” she further added. 

While she admits to not having a specific ministry, the pass president of Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship or most commonly known as UCCF has special interest in missions and intercession. She has been part of dance ministries and sings with her sisters when the opportunity arises. “I hope to focus specifically on missions and writing blog posts, books and articles,” she noted. She also highlighted her short term goals of finishing post graduate studies which includes her masters and a doctorate. She would also like to complete some measure of theological study. As for the long term “My goals are to become a professor of Literatures in English and an advocate for improving education policy in my country and by extension the region. I also hope to be a good wife and mother someday and to do missionary and humanitarian work,” she revealed.

If a typical teenager reads this, I would inform them that it is very important to find yourself as an individual and situate yourself comfortably in your interests and ambition. While it is helpful to emulate others, it is dangerous to try to become them. You are special make the best of your own special purpose. When you feel like you have nobody else’s approval, ensure that you have God’s.

-Jacinth Browne

There is no doubt that her motivation, faith and hard work will propel her to greater heights and position her as an inspiration and motivation for others.

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