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Barbados Food review 2020: Barbeque Barn Rockley

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Barbeque Barn is what one would classify as a fast casual dining experience. For just $40 usd one can have a selection of items for a dinner for two. There are two locations, Rockley and Warrens. This review is based on the Rockley branch. The restaurant uses a pay first system and the typical wait time is half an hour. 

The dining room sets the mood with the usual dim lighting and cozy rustic dining furniture. The glass and silverware utensils deliver an added touch of elegance. It is great for a romantic evening, birthday celebration among friends or family dinner.

There is a modest  selection of mixed cuisine. Beverages include juices and a limited selection of wines. There is also a salad bar available with no fewer than ten different salad choices. After dinner you can also indulge in a slice of cake or choose from a variety of tasty flavors at the ice cream bar.

We ordered sweet and spicy chicken, Bajan herb chicken, baked potatoes with garnish seasonal vegetables and mozzarella sticks. The total was just over $40 USD which included  two glasses of juices and a free refill. The wait time was about the time advertised (half-an-hour). The food was not representative of an authentic local experience and the presentation was average; nevertheless, it offered a deliciously interesting mixture of taste and texture. The portions were reasonable and the overall platter would be sufficient for any appetite.

The food and overall atmosphere was exemplary; however, there are still several opportunities to improve on the overall service delivery. For the overall price and dining experience we give it a 7.5. 

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