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How To Premiere A Video On Facebook 2022

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So… you want to create a Facebook premiere uh? Here is a quick guide for scheduling a video premiere on Facebook that will have you creating Premieres like a pro in no time.

  1. First, log into Facebook and go to your page.
  1. Go to “Creator Studio”. You can do this by selecting video then select at “Visit Creator Studio” as seen in the image below.
  1. On the next screen as seen in the image below, select “Create New” then “Upload video” from the top left of the screen.
  1. After selecting a file to upload, a screen will be displayed to add additional information similar to the image below. Be sure to fill out all sections, the Facebook algorithms like that. On completion select “Next” at the bottom right.
  1. In the “Publish” section select “Premiere” from the “Publishing options” tab. Select a date, time, and category.
  1. Lastly, select “Create Event” and you are done.

Let us know below if this was helpful or if you have further questions.

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