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Human Trafficking Is At You Door Step

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human trafficking is a crime in which traffickers profit from the exploitation of individuals, luring these victims to place where they can be controlled.


For most people, the slave trade ended centuries ago. But for some, the lave trade is still alive today


Human trafficking often begins with a false promise of an opportunity. Victims are promised good jobs, and then are forced into dangerous, illegal or abusive work. Sometimes victims are too young to make decisions, and it is their parents who are deceived. In many cases, the trafficker is a known and trusted person – a neighbour, and employer, even a relative.
victims are moved from one place to another. Sometimes they cross borders, either legally or illegally, and sometimes they are moved within a country, often from rural areas to the city. Because many victims have been deceived, they often seem to cooperate with their traffickers, not yet aware of the exploitation that awaits them.
human trafficking has many faces. In the Caribbean, the most common forms of exploitation in human trafficking include: Domestic servitude, forced labour and sexual slavery.
Traffickers control their victims through violence, fear(the threat of violence), debt, confiscation, isolation, shame and distrust(many victims come from countries where the police are viewed as a force of oppression, they may be unwilling to contact the authorities for help.

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