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Selfless passion for the care and well-being of the less fortunate is a rare quality but one young man has dedicated himself to the task. The proverb which states that a man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great is perhaps an accurate description of his journey. Jamaican born and Barbados raised Kemar Saffrey is a social activist, entrepreneur and the 7th Commonwealth Point of Light Awardee.

Kemar had always been concerned about the state and treatment of the homeless, but it was only after becoming a Christian that he took on the responsibility to be a voice for the unheard. It was then that he started The Barbados Vagrants And Homeless Society, now rebranded The Barbados Alliance To End Homelessness. The organization focuses on providing aid He affirms that it was inspired and orchestrated by God and he is just the vessel being used. His satisfaction is in seeing the persons they help progress from one stage to another.

He believes that there is still much that can be done to help persons in need. He stressed that at the policy-making level it is important to include individuals with first-hand knowledge of the issues being faced by this community. On the issue of housing, he proposed using container housing units as an economically viable means of short-term accommodation. This can be accompanied by additional programs to transition persons into being able to afford their own housing.

While he is most commonly known for his work with the homeless, Kemar is also involved in business ventures across multiple industries including Digitizing Barbados Services and Saffrey’s Sound & Equipment Rental.

What’s Next?

Next on Kemar’s list of endeavors is to write an autobiography and a book on how to start a business without money. He is open to the possibility of a political career as he has an interest in commissioning change from a policy level.

See the full interview below on Conversations:

Kemar Saffrey meeting Her Majesty The Queen.

We are looking for youth throughout the region who are fighting against the odds and striving to be agents of positive change. Do you know someone who is an entrepreneur or has been making a positive impact in their community or country? We invite you to send your nomination and a short write up to soshine101@gmail.com.

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