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Phillip Kellman, The ‘Pop’ Star

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The Popcorn man and Phillip K, the musician are a couple of the many titles carried by this prolific young Barbadian. The Lester Vaughan School past student considers his early life as a typical country church boy under the guidance of his mother and his father who is a pastor.

He has served as Parish ambassador for St Thomas and has participated in The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI), a program aimed at empowering Latin American and Caribbean business and social entrepreneurs to transform their societies and contribute more fully to economic and social development.  His talents and entrepreneurial exploits also extend to music. He confesses that he listened to various genres of music growing up which have helped him to develop his own unique style releasing multiple tracks over the years.

His Advice To Prospective Entrepreneurs

Just do it! If you have a dream that stays in your head it will be just that, a dream. Do it for a reason, do it for a cause. Don’t just do it to make money. Find a reason that will enhance or build your community. Do something you enjoy. If you do something you enjoy it would not feel like work…and getting paid would be a plus.

“ The world offers nothing beneficial. It may look beautiful on the outside but the truth is Jesus is the real deal…The world causes you to search and search and you never really find what you are looking for…I would always advise anyone to look to Jesus. It might sound cliche but that’s the truth”

Phillip Kellman

Watch the full episode below.

Conversations Ep5: Phillip Kellman

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