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Johnmark Wiggan, His Story and Ministry

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Antiguan gospel singer Johnmark Wiggan was born on May 13th, 1996 to Claudette Reid and Pete Wiggan in Jamaica. There he spent his toddler years with family until migrating to Antigua at 5 years old to live with his father. He went to school in Antigua.

While growing up in church on firm principles from his father, his musical journey began by experiencing the inspirational sounds of the gospel within the church. He eventually developed a love for composing and writing lyrics after being introduced to the work Jermaine Edwards an influential gospel reggae and worship artiste.  “When I was 18, I knew God was calling me to music and he pointed my gift to his direction and call to hear well done thou good and faithful servant. I want to live a life committed to God… where I can impact others and help them to be successful.”

Having worked in the secular music industry he found that many musicians came from the church, many of whom had given up on God. With that, he felt a strong urge to focus and dedicate his craft to God. Johnmark Wiggan has worked with Sherwin Gardner where he was the first runner up in the Emerge gospel challenge in Antigua. That experience helped him tremendously in the development of his ministry.

So far he has released 4 original singles and 2 covers and has shared the stage with multiple gospel artistes such as Sherwin Gardner, Sinach, Positive, Blessed Messenger, Rondell Positive, John Yarde, and Jermaine Edwards. 

“Ultimate success is to hear ‘well done though good and faithful servant’. For the temporal, I think success for me is when I’m able to make other people successful. So if it’s making money or being highly influential it’s about whether or not that influence or money is being used to impact someone’s life in a way that they are able to provide for themselves or is able to come up to a place where they can also be influential. If my money or influence does not impact them in that way I don’t think I am successful. If I’m unable to employ you I don’t think I’ve reached the pinnacle of my success and so I think success is where one person is at the point where they’re able to employ somebody else and improve them.”

Words of Wisdom

You can play music for music’s sake or go all out for Christ. Practice diligently and hard. Talent will take you so far but discipline is what will make you thrive and take you through a substantial career. Always keep practicing, always stay current.” he explained.

“Serve God and love him with all your heart and all your soul and all your might and all your energy. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path.” he charged.

What’s Next?

He does VeraCity Sessions which is another take on his ministry where he goes to random places, sets up, and ministers. He is also currently working on an album and will be releasing a new single called ‘Lover Like This’ in the near future.

VeraCity Sessions with Johnmark Wiggan – Episode 02
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