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Tee “N” Tee, rise of a songbird

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Tiffany Carolyn Thompson, also known as Tee “N” Tee is a 25-year-old Jamaican who is passionate about music. “I will never not be singing. I am just driven to inspire people and help to bring them some form of ease and hope with my voice,” the singer affirmed.

Check out this clip by her:

Tee “N” Tee highlights finishing university and get her name out there as her immediate goals and is currently working on releasing her first single.
She has received numerous awards including a gold medal at JCDC (Jamaica Cultural Development Commission) for singing in the regional section. She has also had the opportunity to travel and represent Jamaica regionally and internationally. “I was at the Jamaica 50 showcase in Birmingham as a part of the University of the West Indies Mona contingency,” she explained. She performed at Carifesta (2013) in Suriname, Contacting the World August (2014) in Manchester England as well as at the Miss Heritage pageant (2015) in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Tiffany has also been very involved in university life and has received a student award for community involvement. In high school, she was also the female captain for track and field where she competed in numerous field events.
“I am self-motivated. I am always trying to better myself and be better than the person I was before. That actually shows in my vocal ability because one comment I am always receiving is that my voice is forever changing. I am always trying to learn new things about my voice my sound and vocal ability. So what motivates me is just trying to be better than I was yesterday.” To expand her abilities Tiffany is also learning to play her acoustic guitar which she fondly calls ‘Gwen’.
I see my parents as role model. “My mother is a rock,” she affirmed while highlighting her parents’ continuous guidance and support. “My greatest struggle has been academic wise.” She admits to having a love for geography but a greater passion for music. “High school I did pretty well. I am just realizing that the field that I am studying (becoming a teacher) is not for me. I would be lying if I say it wasn’t because of my passion for music and just singing. I probably should have gone and done something musical. In the end I don’t regret it because I have met a lot of people,” she explained.

“Success for me is not just feeling good about myself but also making an impact on people through my music. Young people are not being provided with enough opportunities to strive. I want to be performing regional and internationally, making a name for myself and giving back.”
At the time of this interview Tee “N” Tee was in the process of recording her first single, so you can listen out for that and more on the vocal star.

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