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Joel Brooks, A man looking to God

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He is a teacher, singer, songwriter, producer, photographer, and cinematographer based in Barbados. Victor L. Joel Brooks, born December 3rd, 1980 is the second of two sons from Victor and Rebecca Brooks. Known for his attention to detail Joel, is a multifaceted entrepreneur. He enjoys playing the piano and learning new languages, but above all, affirms fundamental Christian faith and believes that God is at the center of his life.

Memorable Experience

He recalled a memorable primary school experience where he misplaced something that he had borrowed from a friend. Guilt-ridden and embarrassed by his mistake, he avoided his friend for as long as he could but eventually came to the realization that he had to address the situation. This experience taught Joel not to avoid difficult, or uncomfortable conversations but rather to deal with matters.

Joel successfully completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic design at the Barbados Community College. While he was there, he learned photography under the instruction of Bob Kiss; an American fashion photographer. Joel really enjoyed Bob’s photography classes and soon started working as an assistant to his lecturer. Not long after, Joel started his own commercial photography business. Joel was later invited to the College to teach photography. This 2-year stint at the college revealed within Joel a passion for teaching he had not known about himself. This lead to Joel establishing his own private multimedia school called, “Joel Brooks Light Lab 1 training courses” where he teaches photography, videography and graphic design, among other things.

In addition to his success as a teacher, photographer, and videographer, Joel has also excelled in the music industry. With his natural talent and love for the art, he has written, recorded and produced many tracks including:

  • Look to God
  • Save Me
  • Spend some Time
“My latest song titled ‘Higher’, is a reminder to myself and others that we must make sure not to allow ourselves to become too attached to this world because as we know, this life is only temporal. ‘…For the things we see are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal…’ (2 Corinthians 4:18) We must make sure that we have our eyes heavenward, on God…”
~Joel Brooks

Over the years, he has received several awards including a NIFCA photography award, Addy Awards for photography work done for the Crane Hotel, Flame Gospel Music Awards for Best Music Video, Best Duet, and Best Reggae Song.


Joel’s proclivity for business and his never-ending appetite for self-improvement and education, lead him to build businesses around many of his talents, one of his more recent ventures being, Joel Brooks Real Estate where he, sells and rents properties.

With reference to doing business in his country Barbados, Joel expresses deep appreciation for his country and the opportunities it has freely afforded its citizens. However, he highlighted that there is yet much room for improvement: “It just takes too long to get basic things done, both in the private and public sectors”.

With regard to education, his suggestion is to pay more attention to practical subject areas. He pointed out that students needed to be better prepared for the world of work. Every student should have a solid understanding of basic commercial mathematics and money management skills, like understanding how to manage loans and hire purchase arrangements. In addition, they should be taught basic entrepreneurial principles such as pricing strategies and filing taxes. Finally, every student should have a good working knowledge of the structure of our nation’s political and governmental systems. All of which should be taught as a part of the secondary school syllabus.


Michael Jordan and West Indian Cricketers Shivnarine Chanderpaul, and Brian Lara are three men that Joel greatly admires. He noted Michael Jordan’s unbeatable spirit. Joel praises Chanderpaul for his excellent example as a responsible leader. He honored him for his conduct, commitment, and consistency. And finally, Joel acknowledges Brian Lara for persevering through times of adversity and for successfully managing his extraordinary gift and the pressures that came with it.

While he has learned a lot from the exploits of these individuals he highlights God as his greatest motivation. His fundamental long-term goal is to hear the words written in “Matthew 25:21-( Well done, good and faithful servant! )”. To this end, he challenges himself to work on continued growth in his relationship with Christ, ever striving to live in accordance with the will of God.

Whereas the future is concerned, Joel acknowledges that only God holds the future, but should God spare his life, he hopes to grow in ministry, and in business and perhaps settle down with a great wife when the time is right.

Learn Always

“Be students of your own learning”, Joel said. “Be responsible for your own educational development. It is not solely the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that a student gets a sound education. Each individual is obligated to ensure that they achieve the best possible education for themselves. This may be as simple as pre-reading course content or going beyond the requirements of the syllabus”. He urges students to be aggressive and proactive in their pursuit of personal and professional development.

A word to the youth

“Do not neglect God and spiritual things. It’s important for us to think laterally but it is even more important for us to think vertically. Take responsibility for your growth, education and fulfilling God’s calling for your life. Start a business even if just for a year or two. This will help you to understand how things work in this world. Learn to manage your money and resources at a young age and it will help you to survive in this world”, he concluded.

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 You can also find more on Joel here https://www.reverbnation.com/joelbrooks

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